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This is perfect. It's an interesting dynamic of social pressure to maintain one's online communications. I'm guilty on both email-sending and being available to others rather than myself. I'm pretty good about not letting technology intrude when I'm with people, but otherwise it's a struggle. I'm holding the line by not texting / being on Facebook / twitter (but conceded to join Buzz). People are shocked by the idea of not having text-messaging or not being on Facebook (except the other people who aren't on Facebook). For a while I didn't have a cell phone, but I'm told people don't talk on the phone now, anyway--they just use them for texting and such. (I'm fighting that by actually calling people). I like this bit about declaring email bankruptcy, though.

I do think the internet makes it easier for NPR people to connect--that's one aspect of radio that's tough--it's hard to meet others interested in it. Unless you go to, say, a really pricey Wait Wait show (which was fantastic! Go, Mo Rocca!)