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I was embarrassed and dismayed by Dr. Warren's invocation. Absolutely dismayed.

An invocation is supposed to be a public prayer that invokes God's presence. It is supposed to pull the hearts and minds of those present together so that they can experience God's presence. Dr. Warren's words didn't even come close to accomplishing that.

Dr. Warren's words were nothing more or less than a sermon which was disguised as a prayer. His words were exclusive and excluding. His tone was condescending. As a Christian, and as a Christian clergy, I was embarrassed and even angered by his words.

This is the main reason I was unhappy with the tranistion team choosing him to give the invocation. I was afraid that he would do exactly what he did. I hoped he wouldn't... but I was unhappily correct in my fears.

Thank God, again, for Dr. Lowry. Left us with a true "good word."