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This is nothing short of the same feeling when I first tuned into Speaking of Faith around its early beginnings. As always, Krista is quite insightful and delicate with details: I found that while she was the one being interviewed, I felt as if I was still listening to her 'intelligent, insightful questioning'; the illusion I had to sort out was that she was indeed not the one asking questions this time.

In short, with Krista stating 'I am out of my element' I respectfully disagree: this program is not an element, but a force and this format is a wonderful twist to something that I thought could not be made any more unique.

What this program brings is through journalism, but I've never once felt a rigid sense of question and answer; I've never once felt unwelcome nor outcast as a listener. Instead this program and this particular piece maintains the warm invitation to sit and think about a good, insightful, and thought provoking conversation.

Kudos as always.