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It will be interesting to hear your show. I found it rather unsettling to hear the insinuation by these leaders that government programs might be the cause of continuing and increasing poverty, or at least they don’t conclusively help to alleviate it. Hopefully, this is not truly their premise or belief.

If they are wondering why America is second only to Haiti in levels of prevalent poverty, they should look at all of the counties that lie ahead. Countries who have grown economically over the last 50 years despite being devastated by two World Wars and a Depression. They all have in the last decades developed viable sustainable social medical and dental insurance, state run education systems, social assistance, long parental shared maternity leaves, unemployment assistance, state pension plans, etc. The list goes on and on. None of these programs are perfect, but they are all viable.

Perhaps, what these leaders should look at the collapse of the church and community, as well as the mismanagement of governmental programs, and not the discount the premise of social or universal care. The lack of regulation and accountability is, in my opinion, the root of this mismanagement and not the fundamental right for government-assisted health, employment and education plans.