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Its so great to hear a real faith leader from a vibrant church and democracy, talk about how, without getting nationalistic of jingoistic, we as a nation, need to be more respectful and have more true and proven men of faith involved in settling all our international and inter-faith negotiations and affairs. If we are careful to see that faith representation is included in foreign relations, we will be seen as more trustworthy, and enable potential settlements to be believably negotiated... literally "in good faith". For far too long, the irresponsible, voices of radicals, militants and extremists claiming to be the sole representatives of other faiths and nations are the only voices we have heard via our 'commercial' media. We can effectively marginalize both radicals and extremists and talk to the masses of other faiths when we include men of faith at the foundations of our approach.

We have to learn to accept and to expect that other nations will consider themselves far more devout, pious, and trustworthy in their faiths than we are in ours. Only then can we talk meaningfully of solutions (alongside politicians) about matters which in this country are traditionally usually solely and exclusively the domain of men of politics.

Perhaps we can all... "Coexist"