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Yes. My question is this: in the 7 or 8 years of SOF, where are your at-length interviews with the most articulate people who think that morals are not--as Mr. Haidt thinks--evolutionarily (i.e. relatively) existing, but absolute and intrinsic to every human person, even if we are in partial ignorance of them? Where are your interviews with the Peter Kreefts or Fr. Richard John Neuhaus's of the world? (If there are such interviews, I honestly would like to know. please email me the archive date)

Moreover, where are your interviews with people who can articulately defend--again I think of Peter Kreeft of Boston College or somone he, or Fr. Neuhaus, would recommend--the unique claims of Jesus Christ in all of history? (I don't start from the premise that Jesus's claims are true. I mean that his claims are, in context, unique in all of history. In that he said he was the transcendent God but did not act like a crazy person [as almost non-Christiansall admit he did not], was not a pantheist, and was not a constitutional liar [as almost all non-Christians admit]). Moreover there is the strong historical evidence for the Resurrection.