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I don't know if comments on 2.5 year old blog posts get any attention, but just in case, here goes:   I would like to hear an interview with Jonathon Haidt on your program.  I like his work which seems to  be very  much aligned with On Being.  I arrived at this page when I searched the On Being web site for any references to him hoping to find a show in the past, but I found none.  I hope you are trying to schedule a time with him, which I will eagerly await. 

I have also recently discovered the work of Morris Fiorina, who is a political scientist who studies polling data and voting behavior.  A major theme of his work in the last decade is that the "Culture War" meme, which dominates our conversations about politics and government, represents only a small minority of extremists on the political spectrum and leaves out 80 to 90% of the population: