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I briefly skimmed over the other comments on this blog and genuinely feel bad for those people who believe that Master's Commission is a cult. I was in Master's Commission about 2 years ago and though it was intense, we were not brainwashed. We did have strict rules, but that was just part of it. Like one rule is that a boy and a girl cannot be in a room together by themselves. Depending on which Master's you were in really depended on how strict that was enforced. A friend of mine who was in the same program in a different state said that they did not follow that rule all the time, like if it was only for a few minutes. My group followed it but kind of as a joke, like oh no you can't be in here with me. Another rule was that we had to be 10 minutes early to everything unless our director said that we could be on time. If we were 9 minutes early then we were late. Our director was usually just on time, like regular on time, so if we broke the rules it was more of on the honor system if we confessed to breaking them. The 10 minute early thing is a good rule to follow in general just to be courteous. We did have some college level classes that where accredited through INSTE Bible college. The group my friend in also took some classes online through an accredited Bible college in Oregon. I think that just like anything, Master's has their good things and bad things, and every Master's Commission is different. For those of you who felt like you were brainwashed I am sorry. That should not have happened. Helping people grow closer to God is not about manipulating them it is about loving them. In the end we can't force anyone to change, they can only truly change if they choose to.