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Type your comment here I have been introduced to the master's commission throught the actions and efforts of my "god daughter" and her friends. Over the last two years I've been involved in a number of social events where one of the local masters commission groups would show up and have supper and a good time. From what I was told a number of these kids had come from abusive home lives, some were living on the street before being picked up into the program. They lived in dormitory like situations and were active in a local sponsoring church.

I was very impressed with the way these kids comported themselves. I cannot offer more details about the program because I'm not affiliated with the church or the program in anyway.

When I first heard about the program, my instincts were aroused, I suspected some sort of "brain washing". At this point I do not believe that is occuring. Many of these kids had had been tossed out of family and their community. Some of these kids came from loving homes. In their lives and stories, to the extent that I know them, I saw a commitment and love of Jesus that motivated their weltenschang and their love of others. Many of them express a continued desire to enter into some form of a permanent ministry.

I look forward to hearing more about what you learn about this group.

Nimrod Scott
In Alabama