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For me what I don't understand why people would be frightened by this video. My guess is that because it challenges their own faith base. However, if given the chance, would they would stand just as strongly behind what they believe. Honestly, they would have the right and ability to do so in this country.

My caution here is with the idea of lumping all Christians (or any other faith for that matter) in a way that says they are all like that. It is one of the problems that "spiritually" focused people face these days. Fear to express themselves because it might offend some one. What happened to seeing people as strong and faithful as being a good thing? Have we forgotten that faith is one of the strongest glues that has helped build this country?

I see extremism in all aspects of religious practice, but I also see alot of focus based on fear of particular religions. As a Chistian, I too see the connection between diferent spiritual practices. Common elements such as respect, letting go of the things you cannot change, and realizing there might be a higher power involved in the process. Do I witness? Yes, but from a different point of view then what the media and others that live a non faith based life might classify me. I express that my faith has changed who I am and that it has given me a purpose to become a better person. Not that my way is the only way!

So step past the Christianize that scares so many and look at her intent. She believes in her God, she encourages those that share her faith to go out and make a difference in the world, and last but not least she is willing to stand her ground and not lie about it all when it seems to challenge others. Not bad traits for any faith based person to have. You see if more people of all types of religions would talk about how their "practice" has changed thier lives we might have more hope then fear during the challenging times we are facing.

Thanks to Speaking of Faith. I appreciate the way you present to goodness of all faiths. You often illustrate that each of us are not so far apart as we might think.