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Hold on a moment, this is scary stuff, and we should recognize it as Americans. The Master's Commission is obviously the Churches last chance to really pass on their belief system to the young people of the church before they go out in the world. Listening to the Palin video it seems that she is very confident that system is the right system. I have no argument with that on a personal level and can even admire it. However, we are talking about the Vice President here. In front of her old church she is talking about the War in Iraq, pipe lines in Alaska, her work as Governer, Master commission students, and God all together and mixing this language up. I don't think the "media" is taking this clip out of context when they are expressing concerns over Palin's definition of separation of Church and State. This is what fundamentalism is by definition. Fundamentalism is a scary thing that breeds fear and misunderstanding. The Master's Commission seems to be OK with passing on these ideals. We are not talking about an adviser to the president we are talking about someone who is trying to be Vice President.
The other thing I really want to touch on is this idea of the rapture and the end times that is certainly part of her old churches world view and that of the MC. This end time philosophy is dangerous. When you really believe that we are living in the end times how does this shape your environmental ethic? We already heard Sarah Palin refuse to acknowledge that global warming is a man-made issue to Charlie Gibson, but she said it is a problem and we need to do something about. Well what are you going to do about it if you don't think humans are the problem? This is a belief system rooted in the fundamentalist believes of her former church and being passed along to the MC students.
This is scary for Americans, for non-fundamentalists, for the world and as a Christian myself I am offended by the statements made in this video. My faith brings humility and reverence, if a social issue concerns the poor or oppressed I'm fairly confident in how my beliefs form my decisions on that topic, but when it comes to pipelines, wars, and political decisions I am not confident because the Bible does not offer a lot of guidance. I always come back to love as a Christian and working for the down and out. Let us be very cautious with the statements of this video and the work of the MC.