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"Ben" said: Hold on a moment, this is scary stuff, and we should recognize it as Americans.

Ben, as Americans we hold some Truths to be "self evident", as the Declaration of Independence says. That document also says that those self evident Truths (life, liberty and the persuit of happintess) are bestowed by a Creator. It seems to me that Ms. Palin is simply encouraging a group of young people to persue happiness by serving that Creator. She is NOT proposing a govt. program to aid the faithful in their pilgrimage, and further, she is NOT mandating service through the Masters Commission or any other faith-based organization. The Constitutional Establishment clause limits the Federal Government from forcing us to be religious. It does not, however, prevent government leaders from encouraging that exercise of faith, by word and (hopefully) by deed, that is well known to preserve the Union.

I don't agree with her theology either, but I'm not "scared".