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Rupert and Tracy thanks for both the comments. I think I went to far with my comment, because of negative experiences I have had with organization's that appear to be like the Master's Commission. Of course there is nothing wrong with Ms. Palin's personal belief system, that is the wonderful thing about this country, we have religious freedom . However I want to reiterate that I do believe that it can easily be concluded that her belief structure is bordering on fundamentalism. Personally I am concerned with a fundamentalist in the White House. When we start to believe that we have the one Truth and it is exactly one certain exact way it does not leave a lot of room for discussion. Fundamentalism in any religion taken to an extreme is a scary thing. If we look at what fundamentalism leads to it is fear, violence, and intolerance things very much opposing what I think we can agree on as Christian ideals. I went to far in my initial comment, but it is hard to not get angry when you feel like someone is using your religion to push an agenda. Ms. Palin's beliefs aren't wrong in anyway, I just think they make her a bad choice for the White House.