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So in fairness then Rev. Leah Daughtry also highlighted here on Speaking of Faith would get the same opinion from you. She is a Pentecostal pastor (goes a bit deeper then someone who just attends church) and is the CEO of the Democratic Nation Convention and advisor to President Bill Clinton.

You see both her and Sarah are people with the same level of faith and would speak with simular points of few. Both taken out of context and using one example could be seen as zealots of their faith. Both believe in their duty towards that faith.

Only one of them however never received any national coverage of their footage in the main stream media. Both however will be instramental in policy making if their party wins the election. What I would like to see is that America becomes more aware and fair coverage is presented instead of speaking of people of a particular faith as being dimwitted and extreamist. Something I appreciate here.

I choose to disagree with you on your observation of Sarah's level of intellect. I have seen her take on some of the toughest interviews presented in this election year and learn very quickly how to step up to the plate. But then again that is just my opinion.

I do agree with your last statement and perhaps one day we can continue this conversation on a much deeper level. May your spirit flourish and your judgements serve you well. I mean that in truth in case it may be (as many email conversations can be) percieved as sarcasm.