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Ben, thanks so much for this response. It's an admirable gesture that makes me really proud to be contributing and administrating this blog. We're passionate creatures and I think most of us understand your response.

I think you'll really enjoy a companion pair of shows we're producing called "The Faith Life of the Party" (podcast release on October 2 and 9). And, it's the second show with a conservative columnist based out of Dallas, Rod Dreher, who you might respond to. His story in some way mirrors your idea of getting angry and defensive, and then attacking even if it defies the complexity of your rationale.

In his interview with Krista, Dreher tells her how he holds these complex positions on many hot-button issues and says to himself that he's not going to get caught up in the divisive ones. But, when he hears a statement by the other side that attacks one of those cultural issues -- whether it be about faith or abortion or homosexuality etc. -- he finds himself angry and defending it at all costs. He realizes he's being manipulated to a degree but can't let go. It's quite a predicament, isn't it? I think we can all identify with that scenario in some small way.

I'm not as ready to be so bold as to define Gov. Palin's faith as "bordering on fundamentalism." I simply do not know enough. She's said very little about it during her brief time as a VP candidate. Perhaps we'll learn more as the campaign pushes on in the next six weeks.