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The regenerating aspects of play to creativity is a known subject to those of us who rely on being inspired to perform in our daily pursuits. My most productive play takes me out of being in my head and into a place where I am allowed to safely let go and be spontaneous: Improvisational Dance, "Soul Motion", and "5 Rhythm's Dance" are movement based practices allowing one to explore their inner consciousness by being in the moment. Being spontaneous in movement becomes a transformative mediation that leads us to a explore a unique experience every time we engage in it.
Everyone has their own dance to dance. When we dance as a group we have the opportunity to reflect back our perception of those movements around us or to join like a flock of birds moving as one. Sometimes, our dance can turn us all back into children, given those that maybe witnessing what is transpiring, a sense of watching children run and play on the playground. Other times we become one entity uniting our movements to solve a problem of intent as a whole communicating only through our movements. Walls go down, confidence builds, our ability to see beyond what we thought was only true, fears dissolve, our hearts and minds open allowing our spirits to soar, our bodies no longer limited by the limitations of our physicality. Who engages in this dance? People of all ages, from those that love to move, to people who are limited by a disability; even those in wheelchairs have a inner dance to dance. We leave the dance relaxed, with a renewed state of awareness capable of perceiving the details of the world around us. Creativity flows when we are no longer inhibited and distracted by external pressures and stress, it flows when we allow it to discover the moment for what it is and then pursue the path it offers us to explore.

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