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I enjoyed this show very much. As a Quaker working with many Catholics in disaster response Many of the issues raised by your responders reonated with me.
I have a suggestion for another show:
I would call it , Workcamp Liturgy

It was awesome and beautiful.
Last night on ABC news they showed a clip about a group of Americans who had traveled to China and were building a septic tank in an overcrowded refugee camp following the earthquake.
In addition to the work they had brought a guitar and harmonica. They held an impromptu concert that had the audience of hundreds singing songs of hope, swaying, clapping in rhythm and the sound was glorious. Then they devised games for the children: Tag, leap frog, and many others that had hundreds of children playing, laughing, their eyes and faces filled with joy.
It was not a workcamp but shared the same liuturgy. As Charles Kauralt said, they turned a refugee camp into a summer camp where people could rediscover happiness and joy. As the camera caught this in the faces of the children and approving smiles of the adults I was reminded that resurrection comes in many forms but is a gift we can all share.
Is it possible to track down the people mentioned in this report and share some of the ways this remarkable encounter came about? We are all devastated by the terrible tragedies in China and Miromar. But here is a bright light that needs to be seen and heard as compassion in action.

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