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I think it might be possible to unify the purpose of religions under the banner of compassion, but if politics continues to have its own agenda, its own goals, purposes, methods and relies less on compassion and more on marketing and attendant deceptive practices, I can only see the two diverging. What would Karen say about that? If the big split occurred around the time of Descartes, toward a more 'intellectualizing' of religion, then turning 'heart-ward,' toward compassion,' means giving up reliance on intellectual thought - or at least controlling it in the name of too much egoism/egotism. I see humanists, generalists and tolerant-types as relying on 'science,' 'evidence,' and ecumenism [lifting up all against some form of darkness]. I see the resurgence of 'atheists' as a tendency toward denouncing all types of reliance on anything other than 'what works.'

In the name of the spirit, go from head to heart. --- a pilgrim