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As a member of the Bahai Faith, its founder,Bahaullah has instructed us to, "Consort with the followers of all religions with a spirit of friendliness and fellowship." Further He has stated, "If religion is the source of discord and disunity, rather there be no religion at all." The whole purpose of religion is to bring about unity, if religion does not bring about unity it ceases to be religion. At a local fair for the past twenty years I have had the priviledge of speaking with many people of many faiths and my only goal is to find something we each have in common. Thank you Karen Armstrong and NPR for all the wonderful work you do! Gratitude, Veronica

P.S. I have two different flyers on the Golden Rule, quotes from the world's religion, I would like to give to Ms. Armstrong. I think they would be helpful in her mission. Where do I send them?