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Easter is justy not about Mery Magdlene though she was much as the other carecters in the story to the passon of Christ. No the story is about the God who porvided for are way back to Him. It is Christ the pass over for us all. The blood of the Lamb posted on our two spritul door post and uper dooor post of our God given spirtul intelagents to save us from our own arrogents, greed,and self wroship. It is about The God who when Abraham was at the point to slay his own son the son of promis God spoke and stop thedeed and said harm not the child I will porvide. When will man kind come into acceptance of this most pricesless gift if they wont and ontill they do WE wiil continuly  sacrfic our own childern to those god's of war and strife. F John Toney