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. The feminist side of me always wants to do a fist pumping “YES!” when I think of Mary Magdalene as first to arrive at the tomb and the first to hear the “good news.” However, as I dig deeper I find that I am once again missing the point. Jesus chose to reveal the ‘good news” to Mary not because she was a woman but because he always chose the unlikely one….the lowly, the crippled, and the castoffs of society. By revealing himself to Mary he was once again choosing to look beyond social status, gender, cultural mores, and see her as she really was…a child of God. I am reminded yet again of my own limitations when encountering others. Do I truly see each person I encounter as a child of God or do I put them in a box of preconceived notions or diminished expectations? And who have I missed because I did not even see them at all?! It is my prayer this Easter season that I may be more open to the Mary Magdalene’s in my life and actually hear them when they might say….”I have seen the Lord!”