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I understand your perspective and respect your belief. I too had spent a good deal of time wondering if Christ was man or of God.
I was comfortable with him being the epitome of the goodness of man. Then I started studying the Bible through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.
It kind of asks you to read the life of Christ in a chronological order while imagining yourself in the stories of his life. As a researcher this was very insightful for me.
In the end it was the behavior of the Apostles that changed me. On Holy Thursday, in the Garden these men feared for their lives, they were silent and hiding for their lives.
Cowards, you might even say. Not even standing up for a loved one. But something changed them. How did these weaklings get the energy to fight and die
proclaiming the Good News? As a behaviorist, it makes absolutely no sense for these men to have changed into the witnesses and martyrs that they became.
For 300 years Christians were persecuted, martyred, and opposed quite violently without fighting back violently. 300 years! armed with only their belief and responding
to their oppressors with the word of God. The year on each of our calendars that we use today, is not that of Caesar, but of Jesus Christ. How can that be?