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The only 'strings' James Gates talks about I understand are those we weave together to create our fabric of existence. In his story about "encountering God on a mountain top" he implied he heard God say "Make your own trail." If I could I would ask James if it is possible he heard God say, "Follow your own path." If we followed our genetically determined paths toward the limits of our unique potential capacities and self-realization, our paths would not cross and we would live in peace. We have spent centuries making our own trails in our vain efforts to fill "the void" and we've created a hell of a mess.

Apparently Gates also said,  “By embracing our limits, by embracing our fallibility we become more knowledgeable.” We in fact acquire knowledge by "reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God", by following "our own path", the "ideal reaction to the void." The only mistake it is possible to make is to not "reach out..."

Whether "imagination" or "knowledge" is more important than the other should never have been an issue because Einstein shouldn't have connected the two words. If anything he should have said "wonder is more important than knowledge" but even that is like saying the right side of the brain or heart, is more important than the left.