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I have just followed Nickolas Kristof on twitter for the chance he will follow links I leave to the explanation that life is simple. Judging by the number of hits to the links you graciously allow me to leave here, a considerable number of "On Being" readers are intrigued. It seems not all of them are captivated by "big ideas + deep meaning".

Perhaps I can also help help Kristof understand he should have remained "simplistic about religion..." Religion as part of our "religious/philosophical reaction to the void" is only "...capable of nurturing the worst of violence..." Our "materialistic reaction to the void", our effort to fill the void with money, and the other six ways we try to give meaning to our lives, have the identical capability.

"...the best of care." preceded religion. Care is being suppressed to about 1% of GDP by 'religion' and our other efforts to fill the void. Unconditional care for others is a "hard-wired" trait. Humanity couldn't have survived and evolved without this aspect of the "ideal reaction to the void" and we won't survive much longer without compassion. The choice is simple. We discard our efforts to fill the void and allow the "ideal" to reemerge or we self-destruct.