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There is "simplicity on the other side of complexity." It is the same simplicity that existed on the other side of complexity. From the conception of humanity until 'Eve' asked "Why am I?" and gave birth to humanity, humans simply reached out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God. There is no answer to 'Eve's' question. When 'Adam' answered it in the first attempt to fill the void, the life of humanity started to become more complex. In the years since, our ancestors tried and repeatedly failed to answer 'Eve's' question, and to fill the void in other ways. We are living in the resulting complexity. If we realize the capacity to understand the source of our complexity and discard the completely useless and biologically unnecessary ways we try to fill the void, we will discover the "simplicity on the other side..." If we don't we will self-destruct. It's that simple.