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Yesterday I read a post in @HuffPostReligion by @ChrisDStedman. He began by saying he is an atheist but his essay was a criticism of "strident" atheist activists. Somewhere around the middle of his essay he said he wanted to promote critical thinking, compassion and a few more "ideal" human characteristics. My tweet to him was, "Promote critical thinking..." without saying you're an atheist and you will contribute to our solution.

As I said in a post here yesterday I listened to your interview with Brueggemann and I am quite sure "Christian" was not mentioned once. You broke the spell today by mentioning "Christian" right after writing "the hard and life-giving work of letting go of comfort for the sake of what is important."

I am an life analyst. I don't know how long I will continue to promote the "ideal reaction to the void" before I conclude it's a waste of time and money. Until I quit I I will promote it here as long as I am tolerated. In the spirit of the season and your interview with Brueggemann I offer this Christmas wish:

May God bring learning up to speed
So tolerance we do not need.

Merry Christmas.