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Dear Krista,  Wonderful interview.  We heard Pastor Walter Bruggemann at Marshill church, Grand Rapids, MI within the last 2 years.  He was interviewed by Rob Bell.  Rob Bell would be another interesting person to interview at "On Being".  I love your broadcast and selfishly listen, take notes and deter interruptions.  My husband and I say you @ 2011 Calvin Series, purchased one of your books and I have been hooked on most of your interviews.  You have opened by thinking to depth of human mind and potential each of us have.  Your interviews with interfaith "sages" on happiness, joy in suffering and meditation just skims the surface of creation, God, humanity, etc.  I too came from a conservative protestant church where doctrinal truth was absolute importance of the select enlightened few. The journey from the known to the unknown has been fantastic, coming from darkness into light of understand.  People like you have opened my thinking beyond what I could ever imagine.  Thank you.  mary.dewys@trentgilliss:disqus