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"People have been asking, 'Where is God?' for thousands of years..." and its time to answer that question.

People have been asking "Why am I?" even longer, since 'Eve' first asked and gave birth to humanity. It is time to stop asking. The consequences of our attempts to answer the "last why" is the story of humanity. It tells us where we are and since existence isn't static it indicates where we are going. The story isn't pretty. There are only two possible destinations for humanity, self-realization and self-destruction. They are a continuum apart. At the present time our story  seems to be telling us we are about three quarters of the distance from self-realization, heading for self-destruction. Our story also tells us we can turn around, and "occupy wall street" tells us there is at least a microscopic desire to change our direction. However, our story doesn't tell us how much time we have.