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My father was "religion-y" but my mother wasn't. I didn't realize the conflict that caused in their 60 year relationship until they moved in with me ten years ago. I have two brothers and sisters. We were "religion-y" when we grew up. During my years of higher learning at university I became like my mother. My older brother and sister and younger sister remained "religion-y". The older brother didn't visit often but on one occasion he tried to "save" our 90 year old Mom. She cried for about 2 hours after he left. She couldn't figure out what she had done wrong. When Mom calmed down she told me to tell her "religion-y" older son not to visit again.

During the 3 years that my father lived my older sister came to visit fairly often on weekends when she wasn't somewhere overseas trying to save other people. She wanted to give my father the spiritual nourishment I failed to provide. She made those weekends hell. After Dad died my sister wanted to visit Mom often enough I suggested we try to get along better to make the visits less stressful. She said, "Your unbelief is an impediment to us getting along." Mom died July 2010. My older sister remained civil to me until I told her what my plan was for Mom's ashes. We haven't communicated for nearly a year. My younger sister didn't visit because of distance. We communicated until a couple months ago. After a skype call she wrote and said she felt "moved" to tell me I was having a "Samuel" moment. In a return email I assured her she misinterpreted her movement and I haven't heard from her since.

Religion has divided the family of this man and religions have divided humanity. I know this is a "religion-y" site but I have to say it makes me so angry when, in the face of over 2000 years of evidence to the contrary, I read a person can still think the solution to our current mess is that we "be more religion-y". If only God could save us from spiritual leaders we might survive.