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Reading this reminded me of seeing Lisel Mueller read "Naming the Animals" on the News Hour. 
ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: Would you read "Naming the Animals" for us.

LISEL MUELLER: Yes. "Naming the Animals."

Until he named the horse 'horse,' hoofs left no print on the earth, manes had not been invented, swiftness and grace were not married.

Until he named the cow 'cow,' no one slept standing up, no one saw through opaque eyes, food was chewed only once.

Only after he named the fish 'fish,' did the light put on skins of yellow and silver oils, revealing itself as a dancer and high jump champion of the world.

Just as later he had to name the woman 'love,' before he could put on the knowledge of who she was with her small hands."

ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH: What a tribute to words and the power of language.