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As an apostate Mormon I always rejoice when moderate voices within the church are celebrated but this is short lived. There may be members that FEEL differently than the leadership of the church on issues like marriage rights or a modern role for women, but there is a key component to the doctrine that is a huge obstacle to the voice of moderates. That is the doctrine of Prophetic Authority. Where most contemporary Christian faiths (except, to some degree, Catholicism) rely on the flexible and adaptable human interpretation of scripture, at the head of the LDS church is a man who claims to be a Prophet in the OT since of the title. He and the 12 apostles speak directly to and for God. When M. Russell Ballard claimed in general conference that no one was born gay, he was saying that with apostolic authority. The subsequent revision was the final word on the subject but the truth remains. These men (and men only) know the mind of God and so there is no interpretation that is valid but theirs. This severely restricts the church's ability to grow and evolve socially, we have the previous prophets who knew God too and in so doing exposes the greatest weakness to the church - accountability.