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I am unaware of Brodsky so I don't if she or he is not quite correct. Human consciousness began when 'Eve' asked "Why am I?", the question which gave birth to humanity. There is no answer to this question and it is the existence of this void in our lives that creates the "tension". Rather than call 'Adam's' response a "lie" which implies an attempt to deceive, I prefer to consider it a myth, an attempt to explain the unknown. Whatever, it was the birth of our "religious/philosophical reaction to the void." It couldn't fill the void and as a consequence, 'Eve's' question has echoed through the millennia giving us our present collection of religious/philosophies and seven other ways we vainly try to fill the void, and "the idea reaction to the void", thus life.

To dispute the notion "there can be no poetry" with a "straight unequivocal immaculate version of things" I leave this The second is a short derivative I leave because it is about "Eden". I greatly appreciate your indulgence.