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Crista, and all you folks that are responsible for this show, I just marvelled at the interview with Wangari Maathai!  I know it took place a few years ago, but still, it was just wonderful!  Thank you!

It may have been her Catholic upbringing, we have that in common, in any case, she and I arrived at many of the same observations about the meaining of life and the role we individuals are to play while on earth. And even all the connections you made with trees, the well-being of people, etc. Wonderful!  I feel the same way.
We are so closely connected, Wangari - sisters!  I'm sure of it. You died at 71 and I'm already 76.
So, I look forward to being with you someday. (No pun intended.)  Do you suppose it'll work like that?  

Lorrie Greco