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While this article reads well, and I agree with parts of it, tolerance of bigotry for the sake of getting along with others, especially in a church environment, sets us back.  It does not move us forward.  No matter how much I respect others in my church who disagree with my position, civility has not been the answer to the wall of prejudice we cannot knock down, get past or overlook.  Compassion begins with Christ, and civility toward and acceptance of all God's people is a foundation of the church as I want to come to know it.  Adult love with another adult should be treasured by all.  Christ came to us and spoke of love for all men.  Human interpretation of His meaning should always be discussed, in a caring environment.  If this is restarting the conversation, we can try.  But to ever suggest that we should put our beliefs on hold so that we can "respect" another person's point of view is to take away yet another voice asking for the freedom to love equally.