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Krista; When you speak of how “WE seem to be losing our connective tissue”, I think you are talking about a very few people. I see strong connections locally and can sense them in other communities. There are a few people who actively work to break those connections. They may claim to be for family and community, but they benefit from chaos. To keep our connections, we only need to examine our own beliefs, be open about what they are, and not be thrown by irrational conversations.
On the issue of homosexuality, there are only a few mentions of it in scripture, they can be easily googled and understood. If you want to base your opinion on a list of rules written a long time ago, then you probably are not someone who wants to examine their own beliefs. The few people who do, don’t follow most of those rules, but are willing to put forth tremendous effort to get you to follow the ones they like. I am all for listening to and trying to understand other points of view, but listening must work two ways.

By the way, has anyone actually looked up the passage from Jeremiah? Immediately after God says to seek shalom (or peace or welfare), he says "don't listen to them because they are propheying lies". A few passages later God is talking about bringing the sword to those who exiled his people. This is a disigenuous use of the passage by Mouw. This happens a lot when I look up passages.