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In retrospect, I have to strongly suspect that my father was on the autism spectrum. He was extremely logical and private, loved music, had ferocious powers of concentration, and seemed utterly baffled by everyday human relations. He was very often angry and frustrated and completely misunderstood his wife and children. He did seem to exist in his own world and seemed incapable of recognizing the separate inner worlds, motivations, and needs of others. Some amazing strengths but also some glaring weaknesses.

In particular, he was deaf to differences in tone of voice. To compensate, I believe he systematically studied human behavior in film, plays and literature, trying to understand intellectually what did not come naturally.

I also suspect that his condition left him vulnerable to abuse, and that he likely had been traumatised by such abuse at some point in his life. 

I wonder if there are any support groups for children of autistic spectrum parents.