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 this is a plug for the autietots website...the family who runs it also has a six year old with autism, not sure if it is the same, but i am guessing it is.
if you could direct me to the scientific research on developmental markers...
who designs these markers?
from personal experience...i can imagine myself being labeled as a small child, i had a lot of these so-called symptoms...i now see that i was an intelligent and precocious child, and i have not only been very successful at looking out for myself, but i see that children's development is so varied and profoundly complex that i am forced to question the motivation behind these labels.
some children's bodies prioritize the development of different skills at different ages...(this is anecdotal, but it seems an appropriate source of skepticism)
i predict that many of these children are going to grow up, find their way out of this stigmatizing mess and rebel against this non-science.
there are many educators who have a profoundly different take on conformity, on the education of boys, on class size and educational dysfunction.
autism is a theory, and a poorly formed one at that.  demand the science!