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You asked for my own great experience with food. Some years ago I decided to change my mono diet of "health food" ( organic whole grain boxed cereals) for a macrobiotic diet. A few months into this I was sitting with my now usual breakfast of vegetable miso soup and short grain brown rice. I had just finished eating and a sensation flowed through and over me that astounded me; I did not recall ever consciously having had it before. I sat and asked myself what was flowing through me: I felt nourished, deeply, maybe for the first time; supported, like being deeply loved; experiencing my own resourcefulness, naturally arising in me. With it came peacefulness, a sense of satisfaction and resolution, completeness for now. All of this was happiness, but such a different happiness from what I had thought that was.

Dan's appeal to me is his turning toward what is alive, pleasurable, and ethical -- as you said. This is indeed a great social movement that could move through all our sad, unhappy systems -- could change how we define productivity and prosperity, just to name two. Thank you!