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Magnanimous is a beautiful word that we rarely have any opportunity to use with earnestness. A truly magnanimous human being is so extraordinarily rare that most reserve this quality for a few 'special people'-a few select prophets- and we are merely content to worship and revere them.

I too had been rooted in this limited perspective until seven years ago when I was personally introduced for the first time to a truly magnanimous human being. When I first met Sadhguru I felt ‘This can’t be real!” And it seems to be a common skepticism. ‘How can it be possible that a person can give of themselves in such an enormous way...with no pretense?...with no ulterior motive?’ Now I realize what a sad statement that makes about the current state of human society--a grossly distorted commercialized atmosphere.

Watching and learning from someone who lives with a sense of absolute responsibility--who sees every situation with a 'the buck stops here' mentality is very intimidating but also exhilirating. Sadhguru is always pushing me to broaden my perception, my compassion. Once I was complaining to him because I couldn't get a group I was managing to do what I needed done. He said with a giggle, "Oh, so noone is listening to YOU--who's responsibility is that?" Another time I was bemoaning some action someone had taken that I felt was deeply wrong. He answered, "So someone has done something which society thinks is 'wrong'. Maybe it's dead wrong. Does this mean you'll have no love for him, no compassion for him?" I felt both two inches tall and instantly liberated by this statement.

Now I live my whole life centered around one pressing question, which he asked of me 7 years ago that rings in my head every day, 'Maybe your hands are small, maybe what you can do is very limited, but shall you make yourself also small? Within yourself, are you capable of holding all beings as yours? Can you be a mother to all the life on this planet?'