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10 years ago I shared a large ranch house with 3 others, all like me, single, and in their 40's. They were all republican or right-leaning and as we learned about each other they quickly seized on my liberal views as fodder for teasing. One of them, an account rep for a marine supplies distributor, could be very funny. He spoke in character voices, made up shockingly lewd jokes, and made the rest of us laugh a lot. He used to make fun of my food because I was the only one in the house who cooked. "Oh, you crunchy granola people," he would say,"Gotta have all that organic bulls**t."  

But I had a good come back. "No! Not organic" I would shout. "Orgasmic!"

"Oh yeah, " i would moan suggestively. "Does it for me every time!" He loved it, and the exchange became an became an oft repeated ritual.

The longer I lived there the more we liked each other, even though politically we were in opposite camps.