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I have many beliefs, one of them being equality to every single person in America. I think it's so unreal that America has come so far but is still unjust. In a few words, I am talking about gay rights. I believe that we should all be treated with the same amount of respect and should be given equal opportunities, such as marriage. Sadly, a friend of mine has completely different beliefs and is considered "homophobic". Being friends, she is a big part of my life, and even though we may have different beliefs, we work through our differences to keep our friendship. Staying friends with someone with different beliefs is difficult, you want so badly to change their mind and for them to see things the way you do, but you can't. It's impossible, and the fact that we're still friends shows how strong our friendship really is. To be able to put up with each other despite our differences shows how respectful we are of each other and how much we respect each others opinions/beliefs.