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I enjoyed the conversation on this mornings show. I have been grappling with my feelings about abortion for years. At the risk of being vulnerable, I had two abortions one year apart in my early twenties. It was very difficult for me and caused me great pain and suffering over the ensuing years mainly becaue I was raised Catholic and could not come to grips with what I had done. I believe in choice and espouse more liberal views. Coupled with my feminist take on issues I had to reach deep inside to understand how it was effecting me and my life personally. So here I am some 30 years later, still grappling. But the fact that I had the choice and did what I really needed to do and that others have that choice is so important. How we deal with the aftermath is a true awakening of our soul as it was mine. Thank you for the open and frank coversation as we all try to deal with a deeply personal and political issue.