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I listened to this show with great interest. I had never heard of Frances Kissling before. What a relief to hear from someone else that there are many sides of the abortion issue.
I had an abortion when I was 19. I was working hard in college, had a part-time job and a very dysfunctional homelife. I also had one boyfriend.
In looking back I believe that I, who had always been so careful about birth control, got pregnant because the directions I received with my diaphragm were incomplete. To be concrete, I had not been told to make sure my cervix was covered.
I never considered having the fetus for a moment, and yet I knew I was deeply ambivalent. At the beginning of the procedure I started to cry. The nurse held my hand very tightly. The doctor said,"What's the matter with her?" And the nurse just said, "It's her first."
I am now 54 and have never had a child. I was always ambivalent and undermotivated. Time passed; I developed a chronic illness; and in a way I was relieved because I thought it would be irresponsible and selfish to have a child while ill (I still believe that). However, that baby was in my dreams for many years and I am now able to acknowledge the sadness and sense of loss that has always been there. But I will emphasize that I still believe in all women's right to choose.