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Revd Polkinghorne's idea that no one has seen a quark is as naive as that no one has seen an electron. Quarks have been seen in Wilson cloud chambers, and many other measuring devices. And he falls on his face with light as wave and particle. Waves are waves of space, as Einstein showed us, and particles are standing waves, they do not exist only as answers to respective questions, but as amazing real phenomena. The man needs to go back and ask more basically, What is god, (1) in distinction from just nothing at all, (2) in distinction from everything in the universe and the universe itself, and (3) in clear relationship to everything in it and itself. My PhD thesis at U Chgo Div Schl in 1972 dealt with those 3 necessary met conditions or else no talk about, or concept of, or even belief in god, is possible. Give me a call if you want more. 603-930-5593