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I'm deeply disturbed by the credence that's leant to particle physicists on all aspects of science. Polkinghorne's statements on evolution aren't just simplified for the layman, they're factually incorrect -- even conceptually incorrect.

It bothers me that you would think that Polkinghorne would have insights in this area, or into topics like geology. Yes, there are questions that are deeply interesting in particle physics, and many of these questions have powerful implications throughout science and philosophy *but you are not asking those questions.* Polkinghorne, like too many physicists, is being treated more as a guru whose loose coupling of other fields is worth consideration. It's as if you had on someone with a role in the creations of the transistor, but rather than dealing with those topics, chose to ask them about the merits of various tax programs.

Please, if you want to deal with these issues in a serious way, stop treating them as if they are the subject of mere conjecture.