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In response to John Polkinghorne, on today's program on Quarks anc Creation, I enjoyed the seminal thoughts. He reminds me of the Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The difference is that he is not a true pantheist as Teilhard was because he has not yet figured out how to account for 'problem of evil.' Polkinghorne thinks we must accept the dark with the light. He is a quantum physicist and should understand that we are composed of the light--not of darkness. Per Teilhard, God was in nature and was nature. In other words, the laws of physics are God's body. There should never be any separation between spirituality and science. He also does not understand the difference betwee 'freedom' and 'free will.' At the quantum leve of being there is freedom. Within that freedom, each person is a director and has a free will. People can choose even to violate the laws of physics, which are God's laws. And that is where the darkness originates. But because we are beings oflight, we can overcome the darkness. We can get back on track, which is nothing more nor less than a decision to be obedient to law.