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Polky is such a naughty boy, trying to sneak his god of the gaps in through the front door and in broad daylight by portraying the god of the gaps argument as a mere obsolete phase of the science vs. religion debate. He brushes it of with: “people could see, in hindsight, that it was in itself a theological mistake”. Well that settles it then, it was just a mistake. Funny that most of the world’s leading scientists and public intellectuals continue to make that very same “theological mistake.” In fact, the scientific elite almost universally rejects the god hypothesis the way it rejects that the earth is flat.

Mr. Polkinghorne gets full points for chutzpah and sophistry, none for intellectual integrity -the unmistakable profile of a Templeton toady.

The Templeton foundation hands out prizes (£700 000 to Mr. Polkinghorne) and funds individuals and organizations that support the views of its late founder, John Templeton. Mr. Templeton not only presumed the existence of his god as established fact; he also presumed as fact that his god not only created the universe but also did so with a purpose! His son, who now runs the foundation, is an evangelical Christian. Funny how the faithful now feel the need to buy former scientists to try to lend credence to their truth claims.

Is Ms Tippett gunning for the Templeton prize? One can’t think of a worthier candidate. She welcomes all sorts of gods except perhaps the –no longer in vogue -Greek, Roman, and Viking gods. She welcomes all sorts of religious beliefs and breathlessly gives them equal credence regardless of the fact that these beliefs all fundamentally contradict each other and themselves at every turn while presenting no credible evidence in their support.

Who she does not welcome, however, are those whom she rightfully fears would point this out and thereby expose the dubious premise of her show. Ms. Tippett has systematically kept off of her show, by dismissing as “secular extremists” any scientist or intellectual known to publicly challenge the theistic position, luminaries such as Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Steven Weinberg to name but a few.

This type of deliberate and willful suppression of views is not what one would expect to find much less tolerate on listener (many of which have raised the same issue) supported public airwaves.