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I found godsbuster's comments disturbing and nonsensical. Onbeing is a program for people who try to make more sense of this world and and this life. "Quarks" interview lends insight to both and more. Our existence in this immense universe would be pathetic if we shut our ears to messages that transcends what only meets the eye. Dr. Polkinghorn strides across the chiasm between science and religion and sheds new light onto issues that have been puzzling humans for centuries. He won the Templeton for his search for truth. And God IS truth. Ms Tippett's program is for exploration of humanity. Religions are a big part of humanity. She should be applauded for the boldness to take on such a task. Yes, there are contradictions among different religions. However, "God is above religion". The difference may be more the difference in humans than that in God.
As for the speakers that she does not include in the show, people should be reminded this is not a science show. It takes science as an integral part of human existence but focuses more on humanity which rises above physics or chemistry.