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WOW! I just watched the Nour Foundation discussion -- AMAZING! I just wanted to share something with you, but didn't know where to comment on it... My grandfather, now deceased, had a heart surgery related near-death experience and had the EXACT same description of it, which he later shared only with his family. He described it as a wholly enveloping feeling of being unified, one with them and with everything he knew, etc. Whatever words best describe it, it changed him ENTIRELY (so my mother and aunts/uncles tell me). That you'd never know him as the man they grew up with. Now, for HIM, this desire to understand what happened to him manifested in a earnest *religious* pursuit of what that experience was. He came to believe the truth was Christianity, but that may have been partially due to his generation and geography, having had less access to Eastern/Spiritual ideas and ways of thinking about that enhanced consciousness he experience. I don't know if he ever considered Eastern philosophies. I, a gen-Xer, probably would lean toward the *spiritual* pursuit of identifying what an experience like that was. He said it was the feeling of his family in the room emotionally (and forcefully) pulling him back to his physical body that "brought him back." But he said it was so tempting to want to stay "there" -- ONE! As if it were *their intentions* for him to return that brought him back. Whatever happened, I am just glad I was able to know him, and know him as the reborn person, wise, compassionate, and loving grandfather every girl would be lucky to have!