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I so enjoyed hearing Adele Diamond's comments on how children best learn. As one of those practioners on the front lines about whom she spoke at the end, I am heartened to hear a person championing what I believe in my bones and from working with my students at St. Paul's Central High School in Minnesota. All of the decisions that have been made to "reform" education in the last thirty years have been largely political and I am increasingly convinced that that is the biggest damage we have done to education. We need teachers at the table who work with students every day. If asked, we could have told the nation that No Child Left Behind would distort and damage our public schools for the very reasons implied by Diamond in this morning's interview. Learning has reverted to test and drill in an effort to pass students and save schools' reputations. Where is the fun in that? Where is the real learning? I would like you to build on what Diamond said today and create a show where we practicing educators could share our perspectives on the national debate. I can provide you a number of names.